Coax PoE Extender


1-Pair Coax PoE Extender Kit Includes the Following:

  • (1) 868C PRO Quad LAN CO Unit
  • (1) 868C PRO Quad LAN PoE powered CPE Unit
  • (2) 10′ Black Ethernet patch cords
  • (1) Country specific switching wall power adapter for CO
  • (1) Enable-IT 360 56V – 61W 802.3at PoE Injector
  • (1) 868 Pro Quickstart Guide
  • (1) 4yr Manufacturer Warranty
  • (1) Optional 4yr next Business Day Replacement
  • (1) Free Shipping*
  • 45-day Money Back Guarantee

World’s only 1-Pair Coax PoE Extender able to deliver PoE and Ethernet over your existing BNC coaxial wiring – The 1-Pair Coax PoE Extender kit delivers Data, PoE, and Voice in a combined package able to exceed the IEEE Ethernet distance limitations by more than three (3) times the limit. Install a PoE IP Security camera or a PoE WiFi Access point up to 1,000 ft (305m) from your LAN and power source.

  • Designed and Made in the USA in High Quality Handcrafted Lots
  • Professional Business Grade Product, Solid reliability not Chinese Home Use
  • Includes a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Optional 4 year Next Business Day Advanced Replacement for under $2 per month
  • Free Ground Shipping or Low cost Flat Rate 2nd Day / Overnight
  • 45-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Complete PoE powered kit does not require any additional equipment or converters.

MSRP $750.00    CART $565.00

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Product Description

The Coax PoE Extender Kit by Enable-IT is the only product on the planet to combine Voice, Data, and PoE delivery in a package that exceeds the IEEE distance limitation for Ethernet and PoE. With the Coax PoE Extender, a single IP PoE device can be installed up to 1,000 ft (305m) from your LAN and power source. This product is ideal for installing a PoE IP security camera, PoE WiFi Access point, or a remote, standalone, self-powered LAN.

Made in the USA with quality and pride - the only manufacturer to do so in this industry.

Only the 1-Pair Coax PoE Extender can drive PoE and Ethernet over the same pair of wire, to more than three (3) times the general Ethernet distance limit. The 868C uses robust, industry standard BNC coaxial connectors.

Key Features

  • Reverse polarity support for (Cisco & Motorola) PoE equipment
  • Longest warranty protection included exceeding any knockoff competitors.
  • Broadband Technology that delivers extended Ethernet & PoE over existing 1 pair telephone wiring or better up to 1,000ft (305m); This means no new wiring is required
  • Provides one scalable infrastructure for PoE, Ethernet data, POTS, VoIP, video, and virtual private networking.
  • Quickly install via RJ-45 or BNC Coax jacks to infrastructure for voice in and voice & data out.
  • Quad LAN ports on each end to eliminate the need for LAN switches.
  • Maximum of (1) PoE Outport port on the end 868 Pro Unit.


Power CO unit - 5v/2A DC country specific AC switching wall adapter included. (120-260VAC)
CPE unit - remote self powered uses 5v and passes remaining PoE budget to end PoE device

Data Rate 100Mbps full-duplex Ethernet Data

Interface Ethernet: (4) LAN RJ-45 Standard 10/100 Base-TX autosensing ports

Dimensions Height 1.5" (38mm) Depth 4.4" (111 mm) Width 3.5" (89mm)

Environment Operational Temperature: -49°F to 168°F (-45°to 76°C)
Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing

Enclosure Ruggedized wall mount black Aluminum casing Optimized for heat extraction and isolation without fans.

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868C PRO 1-Pair PoE Extender (Coaxial Cable) 1868C PRO 1-Pair PoE Extender (Coaxial Cable) 1

868C PRO 1-Pair PoE Extender (Coaxial Cable) 3

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