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A little About Us – PoEx, Inc has been inspiring people globally since 2005 with it’s Power over Ethernet extension technology and real innovative solutions for most every industry on this planet and beyond.


Were proud to offer true Made in the USA, highest engineered quality, professional grade Networking equipment that businesses TRUST.

Find out why we have multiple 15 year contracts with the US Govt for providing Secure Chinese spyware free Networking equipment and UDT Seal teams trust their lives with PoEx!

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Standard PoE Extenders

Long distance PoE Extenders

  • Access Control, IP Camera, PoE devices
  • No Power needed at remote end
  • QUAD LAN Ports each end
  • DUAL PoE LAN output ports
  • Max Throughput: 100 Mbps
  • Max Distance: 3,500 feet / 1.06 km
  • Wiring Pairs: 2, 3, or 4 supported
  • 56V – 61W High powered PoE Injector included

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1-Pair PoE Extenders

Single Pair and Coax PoE Extenders

  • Ideal when only 1-pair of wire available
  • No power needed at remote end
  • QUAD LAN Ports each end
  • Max Throughput: 100 Mbps
  • Max Distance: 1,500 f /458 m
  • Coax model available
  • 56V – 61W High powered PoE Injector included

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Gigabit PoE Extenders

Highest Throughput PoE Extenders

  • 3 Full Gigabit LAN Ports with PoE.
  • PoE Powered Extender w/ selectable PoE output.
  • Max Distance: 2,000 f /600 m (in series or 4,000 f / 1.2 km powered each end)
  • Wiring Pairs: 4
  • 56V – 61W High powered PoE Injector included

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Basic PoE Extenders

820P PRO Series

  • Access Control, IP Camera, PoE devices
  • No Power needed at remote end
  • 15Mbps throughput up to 1,600ft
  • PoE Powered Extender with selectable PoE output.
  • Max Distance: 1,600 f /487 m
  • Wiring Pairs: 2
  • 48V – 21W PoE Injector included

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Custom OEM Solutions

PoE or Ethernet Extenders

  • Worlds smallest Extender
  • Mobile Solutions
  • MIL SPEC Solutions
  • Rapid prototyping
  • IP67 or higher rated
  • Any form factor
  • Any wire pairs or tethers
  • PoE Enabled or Solar solutions

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PoE Ethernet DSLAM

Gigabit PoE Ethernet Multiport

  • 16 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet backplanes
  • Multipurpose autodetect PoE or Non-PoE
  • 30W or 15.4W per port PoE for high power
  • Able to support 828 Gigabit PoE Extender out to 2,000ft
  • In-Vehicle mobile Gigabit PoE Switch

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