Timekeeping has been around long before so called modern technology appeared and the presence of electronic clocks for timekeeping purposes have been around before computers appeared on the scene. Today Digital clocks are quite common in many different industries from railways, airports, commerce exchanges, laboratories, military installations, educational campuses and almost any post industrial revolution building or home. These are essential timepieces for keeping accurate time clearly displayed and Time & Attendance Systems. Traditionally electronic clocks have been tethered to electrical power outlets or battery operated. For accuracy they have relied on quality internal mechanisms with a constant stream of electricity.

Thanks to the IEEE standards these digital clocks now have several more accurate options for keeping updated and running reliability at much further distance from an electrical outlet. The IEEE 802.3 Data and Power Standards (Power over Ethernet or PoE) are the driving force behind this advancement. PoE is designed to pass electrical power safely combined with Ethernet LAN data over Ethernet Cabling and can deliver anything from 12V DC up to over 90V DC. IEEE Ethernet distance limit is only 328 feet or 100M. To overcome this false distance barrier the use of PoE Extenders can drive both Ethernet and PoE up to 3,500 feet or 1,067M – That is over half a mile!

Today the marketplace has a range of Timekeeping Products including Time Clock Systems etc are all available based on PoE Technology and the ease of use for installing only requires mounting of the clock and a single Ethernet cable that carries the LAN data and PoE power. A significant benefit to using a Digital clock with this type of technology is the fact that the clock can now keep in very accurate sync with Internet based SNTP(Simple Network Time Protocol) scientific master time clocks and automatically adjust for any time zone or daylight savings schemes. The Clocks need less maintenance efforts.

Cost, Complexity and Mounting Options
Traditional electronic clocks require AC outlets within short reach. – Newer Digital PoE Clocks have no AC outlet requirements within 328 feet of the installation location.
PoE Extenders enable any Digital PoE Clocks to be installed up to 3,500 feet or 1,067M – That is over half a mile! And use a single Category Rated, Coaxial or telephone wire cable for the installation.

The Digital Clocks come with different mounting options including Cantilever, Surface, Pendant, Double Sided and Flush Inset. By using a Mounting Kit, one can easily mount the Clocks from the walls or ceilings, to maximize the chances of visibility in any hallway etc. Individuals can select from a range of configurations to fulfill all the needs of the facility.

The Clocks come designed with a display option to support easy visibility from a distance. The LED Display is either in red or green with 5-6 inch high digits being very visible and it also comes with the option of a Buzzer.

From the above discussions, it can be said that Modern Time Clock Systems including the Digital Clocks based on Power over Ethernet Technology come with numerous sophisticated features and capabilities to make Timekeeping simple and easy.
Clearly the best choice is to leverage low cost PoE Extenders from PoEx, Inc to be able to install your digital clock where you need to and not where you are limited to by AC Electrical outlets or false LAN distance barriers of PoE Injectors.

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