Standards in EV charging infrastructure has been emerging for a few years now. The rapid adoption pace of Electric vehicles has forced the installation of charging stations in locations more convenient to drivers of the vehicles.

One of the downsides to EV charging infrastructure is the time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle as compared to a filling up a petroleum fuel vehicle. This delay in charging a vehicle will require larger and more amenity filled facilities for the numerous parked vehicles while waiting for a charge.
To accommodate the numerous charging stations, facilities will easily exceed any of the secure hardline Ethernet data distance limits quickly.

Wireless (WiFi) solutions are not used for these kinds of installations as they are very unsecure and susceptible to easy hacking of credit card transactions and even EV vehicle components. Wireless is not an option for the use in above ground or underground parking structures you would find

Enable-IT 820P PoE Ethernet Extender Kit

Enable-IT 820P PoE Ethernet Extender Kit

EV charging stations in as the signals would not propagate well and the cost of deploying a reliable infrastructure would be far costly not to mention physical security for the WiFi equipment.

PoEx Inc has a built in EV Charging infrastructure solution that more than 10 fold increases the deployable distance of these charging station pumps.
Charging pumps that once could only be setup within 328ft or 100m of the Ethernet infrastructure for communications to the pumps and can be extended up to 3, 500ft / 1.06km(1,006m) away. Other options from PoEx, Inc will allow for deployment up to 6,000ft / 1.28km away.
Several EV Charging station manufacturers are now partnering with PoEx, Inc to develop integrated OEM PoE and Extender Ethernet hardline solutions into their offerings to have a strategic advantage over competitors.
The pace of EV charging infrastructure deployment is growing rapidly and in more places than the old petroleum station locations.  Extended Ethernet solutions from PoEx is leading the way in enabling this growth anywhere needed.

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