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Within one of Israel’s major cities, families and children are making the most of their public parks safely, on account of the clever work of a multinational physical security group the MER Group and their use of cost-effective PoE Ethernet extenders to extend IP PoE Cameras.

The MER Group, major physical security integrator which is an Israeli holding company that spans telecom, security, and other subsidiaries, was recently asked to secure the public parks of Rishon Lezion, the fourth largest city in Israel, via IP PoE Cameras. In some cases, installing these cameras was fairly easy, because they were within 100 meters of an existing control box. However, in some more sensitive scenarios, the MER Group had to deal with installing cameras in places that were well beyond the 100 meter distance limit and that did not have a power source nearby.

After MER’s Director of Projects assessed the costs and complications of deploying more control equipment boxes throughout the park, he did some research and found out about PoE Ethernet extenders, which, unlike fiber or wireless, could securely extend IP PoE Cameras to very long distances. He settled on an Enable-IT PoE Ethernet extenders for their IP POE Camera deployments, because of Enable-IT’s reputation for performance and reliability, hallmarks of the MER Group of brands.
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