Don’t be trapped by false PoE and Ethernet distance limits when trying to deploy PoE IP PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) security surveillance cameras.

Leverage PoE PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) IP Cameras at Distance to Increase Security!

PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) video security cameras have been a growing every year in popularity for  the task of protecting business assets and operations.  Many business owners may not fully understand the benefits or sometimes expect too much out of PTZ Cameras and it is important to research and understand what this technology can add to you business security camera solution.

PTZ Cameras, and their benefits have changed over the years. Back the days of VCR-based analog recording the PTZ camera was used prevalently as a means to offer coverage of more area, without having to add additional fixed cameras. Unfortunately analog VCR recorders could only accept a finite number of cameras, and would split resolution across the connected cameras through use of a multiplexer. Adding cameras to these systems would involve addition of expensive multiplexers, additional time-lapse VCR recorders and other

PoE IP Surveillance Technology

PoE IP Surveillance Technology

equipment, so it was often easier to simply install one PTZ Camera to cover the same area that could otherwise be monitored by 3-4 fixed stationary cameras.  Analog devices always required two separate sets of cables to carry the analog signals and power for the cameras.

Today business security systems can take advantage of digital IP PTZ Video cameras and network based DVR/NVR recording that offer more sophisticated automation, coverage and features providing superior benefits. Cloud based DVR/NVR recording is a newer technology that encrypts the streams and keeps secure the recordings plus the added benefit of handling multi site security without costly upgrades. PoE IP cameras only need one cable to deliver Ethernet LAN data and Power (PoE).  This can be accomplished over 1-pair of wire as well (Coax or twisted pair)

When installing PoE IP based PTZ or fixed cameras – you can easily use Ethernet LAN wiring or coax up to about 100m or 328ft from your power and data source, however that is a distance barrier the manufacturers  have falsely implemented.  You have the freedom to put your PoE IP based PTZ or fixed cameras up to 915m or 3,000ft away from your power and data source with the use of PoE Extenders from PoEx, Inc.

So what is the big attraction to PTZ Cameras vs fixed?  How does one determine if a PTZ Camera is the best solution for the area to be covered?  PTZ Cameras provide the ability to manually or automatically move the camera and zoom in on specific activities while they occur.  Programmed PTZ Cameras can be set to pan, tilt and zoom along a pre-determined path continuously providing solid non-stop surveillance. Options for secure remote Internet control the PoE IP PTZ cameras using PC’s, Smartphones or tablets are available.  Fixed IP cameras are ideal for covering hallways or doorways where easy entry and passage is expected and zoom can be set for best image coverage. Some fixed IP cameras have zones you can set for automatic zoom and still image capture besides high definition video streaming.

Regardless of the type and or mix of PoE IP cameras you select for protecting your business, you have peace of mind in know you can put there assets in locations that best serve your needs. You are no longer limited by the false distance limitations of the PoE or IP camera manufactures shortsightedness.

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