Gigabit PoE Ethernet Multiport

8-port Smart PoE Ethernet DSLAM Switch

Multipurpose switch for non PoE and PoE devices

All 8 ports auto PoE detection with 15.4W per port

8-port PoE 16 Gbps Ethernet backplane

allowing 2 Gbps per port

Data multiplexing per port for throughput

10/20, 100/200, 1000/2000 Mbps

Anti-Static and Circuit Isolation protection

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5-port High Power PoE Ethernet DSLAM

Ideal for high power PoE devices

Up to 30W per port PoE power

Ideal for High end PTZ IP Camera deployment.

5-port High Power PoE 10 Gbps Ethernet DSLAM

backplane allowing 2 Gbps per port

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In Vehicle High Power PoE Ethernet DSLAM

Ruggedized vehicle powered driven solution

DC battery voltage as low as 6v up to 48V input

Ideal for in car PoE electronics and IP Cameras

Converts vehicle voltage input to 100+W into

(4) 25.5W PoE Ethernet LAN ports

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