Thanks to PoE Extenders from PoEx, Inc. you now have the freedom and cost benefits to leverage creative Combined Access Control / Digital Signage technologies at distances previously thought impossible without great cost.

Digital Signage and Access Control

In the course of 4 years, Digital Signage has been a universe-expanding, multi-billion dollar market and keeps on being a quickly developing industry. It has permitted advertisers to achieve clients in more key areas and also give focus on targeted advertisements to a particular group of onlookers. Digital signage likewise takes into consideration for corporate branding, improving the experience, messaging systems, and a host of other extremely useful applications. By interfacing a single board computer with a LCD display and traditional access control peripherals such as bar code scanners and RFID readers, the digital signage and access control worlds can be merged to create a device that brings significant value. A user can control access to particular parts of a building while providing all of the advantages of a digital signage system. With the option of a touch screen, customer interaction can be added further expanding the capabilities of the system. Potential uses of digital signage in this environment include: advertising for businesses within the facility or nearby, emergency messaging with visual and audio alerts, display class or room schedules, provide web access, corporate branding, and much more.

What about Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet gives an assortment of advantages over traditional AC power. Typically, a gang of 4 to 8 doors are connected to a single power source, so if a single door needs to be serviced, the whole bank should be shutdown. In the event power is lost at the power supply, all 4-8 units go down. With PoE, every entryway is exclusively controlled and has a single link back to the network. With PoE switches/Midspans, customers have the ability to shut off the power to any single door remotely from any web-enabled computer but at a distance limit of only 328 feet or 100 meters. Power over Ethernet provides potentially significant cost savings by taking out the requirement for high voltage wiring to each door.

The IEEE 802.3 Data and Power Standards (Power over Ethernet or PoE) are the driving force behind this advancement. PoE is intended to pass electrical power safely combined with Ethernet LAN data over Ethernet Cabling and can deliver anything from 12V DC up to over 90V DC. IEEE Ethernet distance limit is only 328 feet or 100 meters. To beat this false distance barrier the use of PoE Extenders can drive both Ethernet and PoE up to 3,500 feet or 1,067 meters – That is over half a mile! PoEx, Inc. has both single standalone PoE Extenders as well as multi-port PoE Extender switches.

The access control market has been ruled by the conventional “black box” proximity and RFID card reader systems. In spite of the fact that these units have recently enhanced in technology to include Power over Ethernet capability (EDGE or IP Readers), they still leave much to be desired in terms of look and feel. With the recent trends of low power displays and high performance single board computers, it is now possible to add a display and video processing to these traditional access control systems in order to open a whole new market – Digital Signage.

By combining access control and digital signage, customers can get away from the traditional “black box” system while providing significant value that cannot be obtained from the traditional access control systems. In addition, Power over Ethernet maintains the labor savings of PoE installations.

Products that combine PoE Access Control and digital signage into a single, reasonably priced unit are available in the marketplace today.
Clearly the best choice is to leverage low cost PoE Extenders from PoEx, Inc. to be able to install your PoE Access Control and digital signage where you need to and not where you are limited to by AC Electrical outlets or false LAN distance barriers of PoE Injectors.

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